Frequently Asked Questions

Who is operating the course?

The city has contracted with Oliphant Golf Management, a leading nationwide golf management and development company, to operate Frankfort’s golf course. OGM has impressive experience in operating courses like Frankfort’s and they are 100% committed to success at Frankfort Commons.

Why a new name?

Frankfort Commons’ reflects our shared vision of providing Frankfort area golfers a golf facility that YOU can be proud of and can truly call your own.


Contrary to popular belief, golf was not invented at private country clubs, but rather started as a game for the people, played on the shared ‘common’ links land on the coast of Scotland. The earliest golfers were often shopkeepers, mill workers, caddies and people of all trades and backgrounds. Golf has been, and always will be, a game for everyone!

Frankfort’s course is located in a busy community recreation center, including public ball fields, parks, a petting zoo; a true community ‘commons’! So in recognition of the golf course’s vibrant surroundings in Frankfort, and with a nod to golf’s roots as a game for everyone, we are pleased to introduce the new Frankfort Commons Golf Course!

What changes can we expect to the course?

OGM’s approach is to start with the putting greens and work their way out, meaning the first priority is to get the greens in good health, rolling great and with some speed. From there, you can expect the small details on the course to improve quickly, like bunker maintenance and mowing frequencies. OGM is a company that gets things done, so we expect an immediate positive impact on conditioning.

In the Golf shop, you will see renewed professionalism, a great attitude and quick responsiveness. We succeed by listening to our customers, so we look forward to developing unique golf programming that fits Frankfort. Strengthening junior golf participation is one of our top priorities and we are excited about offering some new ways to share golf with your kids in a fun (and affordable!) way. And of course we are hoping Golf Leagues and competitions will be bigger and better than ever!

Are prices going up?

We are trying some new things and will offer different packages and memberships, but the short answer is NO! We are as committed as ever to providing great golf and great value. We need to grow revenue to make the course more financially sustainable for the long term, so we are going to be creative in attracting new business and increasing participation. The best way to do that is to provide a great product at a fair price.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Even better, please stop by the course and meet the staff in person!